Branding and video

What is Koseed?

Koseed comes from coconut. The name more precisely refers to coconut seeds. It also suggests that Koseed can collaborate with you to develop your seed level projects, hence make them blossom. Like a wonderful coconut tree, you get the idea.

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It all started like this

Now you understand why there are coconuts everywhere. Billy, one of the co-founders, has a passion for them, or should I say an obsession! He used to drink coconut water since his childhood in France. Naturally, it became a symbol for the agency.

Kunal, the other co-founder, comes from the biggest core of the cinema industry: Bollywood. He truly was born with a camera in his hand. On his lens, he met Billy during one of his new creative projects: a web series project in Poland.

Various projects followed-up and this is how you met us.



Your new best friends.



Co-founder, CEO

Branding and advertising are his passions after the coconut. 8 years experience in advising small and big brands to develop through communication and advertising. He also knows some good jokes, few but still.



Co-founder, Executive Producer

Knows everything about film production. Spent the last 20 years working on series, movies and advertisements for the biggest brands. He never wore any winter coat before Poland and warms himself with spicy food. Don’t compete with him, really.


We are working with a bunch of professional marketers, directors, cameraman, editors etc. but they are too shy to introduce themselves. However, they are all very friendly and soon you will not be able to do without them.